Fillmore Gas Company, Inc.            
10577 Rte 19
P.O. Box 181
Fillmore, N.Y. 14735

Payment Options

Drop box @ our office;

10577 Rte 19 Fillmore, N.Y.

Via U.S.P.S. mail;

P.O. Box 181, Fillmore, N.Y. 14735-0181

Via your bank's bill pay function;

Login to your account on your bank's website, go to bill pay (every bank has a different name for the function)
and follow the prompts. Your bank will send your payment to us electronically. Once established, the bill pay function is quick and easy!

Its Here!

E-Bill - Receive your bill via e-mail!
Contact us @ to sign up!

Recurring payment - Have your payment automatically deducted from your bank account!
Click here for the authorization form. Return form to;
or via snail to;
PO Box 181 Fillmore, N.Y. 14735
Credit card via third party bill payment services such as DOXO  @